Welcome to the Jishtu's web site... This site is not just for OUR particular family but for all the Jishtu's in the world, well maybe not all, but certainly a lot of them. Anyway, if you are here then you are either part of OUR family, Jishtu or other, a Jishtu who put your name in a search engine to see what came up or typed jishtu.com to see if it was taken, have heard about this spectacular site, know me, know one of us or some other Jishtu, or want to know them. Well, regardless, here you are! If you want an email address at jishtu.com just write back to me and I will setup an account for you. And just a note...I did this thing quickly so that it was there, this page I mean, so it might look kinda primitive, but I'll work on it when I have time. I even copied this page from a site ;)

Now..... to get a hold of someone here at the web site, email us and someone will get it done for you.

  1. Vivek Jishtu - vivek [at] jishtu (dot) com - Try this first and incase I do not respond send a mail to someone else on this list.
  2. Hitanshu Jishtu - hitanshu [at] jishtu (dot) com
  3. Sahil Jishtu - sahil [at] jishtu (dot) com
  4. Subhash Jishtu - subhash [at] jishtu (dot) com

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